Small Bath

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A Cramped Bath Transforms into a Modern Spa

This bathroom, in a 1950’s ranch-style home near the campus of Denver University, was originally dark, cramped, and uninviting. The shower had a lower ceiling height than the rest of the room and just a two-foot wide opening, so using it required careful maneuvering. There was also a dividing wall between the shower and the vanity which cut off light from the window and made standing at the sink uncomfortable.

By knocking out the wall between the shower and the vanity we opened the space to make the shower opening larger while letting natural light reach the space. We also raised the ceiling height in the shower to make the space feel dramatically bigger and lighter.

The client wanted the space to feel like a “modern spa,” so we chose a beautiful stone stack look to tile along the wall and shower and finished with a smooth rock for the shower floor. We chose a wall-mounted vanity and built a niche into the shower wall for added storage. At completion, our client said her 4-year-old daughter refused to take a bath anymore because she loved "Mommy’s pretty new shower."