Finding the right look for your home can be tricky with so many interior design styles available. Spark Interiors can help you navigate the maze of looks and trends to find the perfect style for your home. Here are some of the basics when it comes to interior design styles that can help you determine what you like and what you don't, helping us craft the perfect space for your commercial or residential project.


Traditional interior design is exactly that – traditional. Everything is classic and predictable.This interior design style has the perfect mix of formal elegance and lived-in comfort.

In a traditional space, you will find furniture with detailed woodwork and moldings complemented by a safe color palette that makes the room feel cozy and inviting. Seating will be arranged in pairs and feel conventional and familiar. Exceptionally dressed windows bring this interior design style together for a timeless look.


Neoclassical interior design brings the revivalist style into the home. This interior design style is formal and includes elaborate details that bring luxury to the space.

The markers for a neoclassical design come from Roman and Renaissance architecture. The color palette is often muted but includes metallics to accent the space. Furniture will be symmetrical and have detailed ornaments in the structure and complementing fabrics, such as damask silks, brocades, and velvets will be extravagant. You will find stone and marble floors with Persian carpets. Ornate decor brings this interior design style together to create a magnificent space.


Contemporary interior design keeps up with the latest trends of interior design styles and looks. This look is very fluid and is constantly evolving to bring a casual and upbeat feel to a space.

The contemporary look is easily identified by the juxtaposition of neutral and bold colors and incorporates clean lines throughout. Patterns that offer a lot of movement fit perfectly with this interior design style and complement the soft edges of furniture and decorative pieces, well. Asymmetry is most common with this style of design, making the space comfortable and laid-back.


Modern interior design is often confused with contemporary design, but the two interior design styles are very different. Unlike a contemporary style, the modern look is not fluid. Developed between the 1920s and the 1950s, modernism offers a clean and fresh look for a space.

What a modern space lacks in patterns, it makes up for with sleek accents. This interior design style will incorporate more unconventional textiles, such as metal and plastic, to fill a room with unique decor. Often, windows in a modern space will not have treatments, bringing this immaculate design style together for a polished look.


The rustic interior design style has its roots in nature, which means the look varies depending on the region. Natural materials and darker hues give this interior design style a warm, cozy feeling.

A rustic space is easily identified by stone, wood and leather finishes. The overall layout and lines of furniture are similar to what you might find in a traditional space, but the materials and color palettes are inspired by the world around the space.

Colorado Modern

This look represents all that is exciting about interior design styles. Spark Interiors created this look to fit the look many of our clients were looking for.

Colorado modern bridges the gap between traditional and modern to find the perfect balance of natural materials refurbished for a state-of-the-art feel. A neutral color palette and soft textures complement exposed stone and finished wood.

See a style you like? Better yet, see a lot of interior design styles you like? Book a phone consultation and let Spark Interiors help you decide what look will bring your vision to life.