• What services do you offer?

    We offer a variety of services for both commercial and residential projects, including:

    • Test-Fit – This is a process used to ensure your new space will fit your or your client's needs.
    • Concept Development – We explore and develop your vision before we start the design process.
    • Space Planning – We use your vision to make your space function and perform in the best possible way.
    • Design Drawings – This includes the drawings needed to illustrate the full design, as well as drawing that will need an architect or engineering stamp.
    • Furniture, Finish, & Equipment Specification (FF&E) – We will guide you through the selection of all furniture, finish/color, and equipment necessary to bring your design to life.
    • Procurement – We collect payment and handle placing orders, managing receiving or warehousing, scheduling deliveries, overseeing installation of furniture and equipment, and anything else necessary to complete your project.
    • Project Planning – We will manage lead times on the manufacturing of custom pieces, schedule contractors/laborers, and ensure that we meet your deadline.
  • What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?

    • We save you time, because we have positive working relationships with vendors and contractors all over town. It takes us only hours to complete tasks that are not as easy for individuals without those connects. An interior designer relieves you of stress and worry.
    • And let’s face it, there is a lot of math in interior design. We take care of measuring, calculating, and ensuring that you are ordering enough materials for your project.
    • We save our clients between 15-25% on their project related furnishings and materials due to our trade partnerships within the commercial and residential industry.
  • What is your design process?

    Our process keeps you in the loop of your interior design project from start to finish. This helps us ensure that your project comes to life exactly how you imagined it. You can learn more about our step-by-step routine here.

  • Do you have set design fees?

    We charge a flat-rate design fee, which is specific to your project. The great thing here is that we are not one size fits all and we adjust our fees to meet your needs and ensure that we can complete your project without you having to worry because you know we will deliver a positive end result.

  • Do you have project minimums?

    We do not have minimums for commercial projects, which helps us to fill a much-needed market in Denver. Many of the larger firms are not available to clients who have a smaller square footage that needs designed, but we work with all sizes and spaces. We love to help our local business community thrive and a spectacular space is the best place to start!

    As for residential projects, we evaluate clients on a case by case basis, mostly working on designs for full-scale remodels/renovations. We believe that good design starts from the ground up and being involved from the beginning helps us to create a higher quality end-product and client experience.

  • I don’t know any contractors; can Spark Interiors help me find one?

    We have a list of great contractors that we have experience with and we welcome you to explore them as options. We will help you evaluate and navigate as you interview contractors. If you prefer we be there with you to interview contractors, just let us know. We are happy to help in any way we can.

  • Do I have to use a contractor that Spark Interiors recommends?

    No, you may bring your own contractors to the table. If you have someone that you prefer to give your business to, we welcome them and will work to build a positive relationship with them so that we can add them to our list!

  • Can Spark Interiors work with my property manager on a TI project?

    Yes! We often work with your property manager to understand the construction time line that you have been given, as well as acquire any existing drawings. This relationship helps us ensure that we are able to provide you with a wide variety of choices when it comes to finishes like carpet, LVT, tile, base molding, light fixtures, etc. In many cases, our good relationship with your property owner or manager helps us bring your vision to life.