Once you have decided on which interior designer to work with, the next step is to establish how you will work with them. In other words, how you communicate what your expectations are. How much you trust your interior designer will determine the outcome of your project.

From our years of experience working with residential and commercial clients, we’ve learned a few things about how best to facilitate the relationship between client and interior designer. Here are the best practices to lean on to ensure that your project is a great success.

Communicating Your Interior Design Vision

We want to hear all about your goals for the project. Tell us your concerns; keep us informed of any limitations you need to work within, such as, “no one can be in the space on Mondays.” We are happy to work within your structure and your budget.

Know Your Budget

Speaking of budgets, we cannot do a good job for you until we have one. We need to understand the parameters we are working within so that together we can set realistic expectations and move forward. If you need help figuring out what a reasonable budget is for your interior design project, we are more than willing to discuss this with you. However, until we know what your bottom line is, we will not be able to give you the best service possible.

Design Collaboration

Designing your space can be a very collaborative process. However, you have to trust the designer you hired to narrow the field of options for you. As a client, you may be overwhelmed with hundreds of choices. Our job is to narrow the thousands down to the options that suit the functionality needed, your design style, and your budget. We welcome your input during our concept phase, but at as soon as we are running with your design, we ask that you trust our expertise to bring you the results you want.

Design Deadlines

To stay on schedule, you have to give approval on any presented plans and materials within three days. Besides keeping the project on schedule, we have learned through experience that delaying design decisions do not lead to better choices. In many cases, it can lead to more indecision. Trust yourself and your vision in this process. We have only the best intentions for the outcome of your interior design project in mind.

Making Interior Design Choices

Many clients struggle with making choices because there are thousands of options. It is common to feel overwhelmed. The designer’s job is to cure your option fatigue by narrowing things down to a few options for each selection you have to make. You will still have collaborative input, but your input is more effective when you stay within the selections provided. Going out of scope can increase your anxiety, delay your project, and be detrimental to the final outcome. All of our happy clients have trusted that we have shown them the best options from which to choose. Select from the options provided and relax knowing that your interior design project is on course.

Understanding The Concept Phase

The concept phase is the inspiration and ideas portion of the interior design project. This is where we establish the feeling and mood of the project. We choose a color palette, textures and finishes and identify the style aesthetic of the project. This is our roadmap to follow for the next phase, the design phase. If any part of the concept at this point does not fit your vision or feel right, we will make revisions. Tell us before you approve the concept. We want you to love it unconditionally. Once you have approved the concept, that is our direction and we begin moving quickly to make it happen. At this point, any new ideas that you may introduce will delay your project. An approved concept is the signal for you to stop looking at alternate designs and ideas for the space.

What To Do During The Design Phase

In the design phase, we present all of the specific materials, finishes and furnishing options. At this juncture, you will choose between the options we present. Your choices will help us finalize your budget so we can continue to move forward and finish your interior design project efficiently.

Our Process

Our process is tried and true, and it works. When we follow it, your interior design project is successful. It is delivered on time and within the budget, so trust our process and enjoy it! We’re here to answer any questions you have. Contact us to discuss your project. We’re happy to schedule a phone consultation with you.