At Spark Interiors, we strive to ensure that every client has a positive working experience. In order to do that, we work through a very precise process. We start every meeting with a Design Consultation, during which time the client can get to know our Principal designer and our designer can get to know you! Our Design Sessions are a little different than your traditional in-and-out consultation. Learn more about how we approach this first working meeting here.

Project Kick-off & Field Study: We take measurements, reference photos, and meet with you to go over any project specifics we still need to collect.

Design Discovery & Project Exploration: This is our vision and ideas phase. We gather imagery, color, textures, and material ideas to present to you in our concept meeting. This is where we check in to make sure that we are on the same page in terms of the mood and vision. At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to give input and feedback and we encourage it! The concept is our “road map.” Once you approve of the interior design concept, we can then move on to the overall design. From there, we will set our next meeting and check in with you on our time line. During this phase, we will also help you to review the bids that you receive from contractors to evaluate how they differ so you can make an educated decision. Before you (or we) interview any contractors, we will have the design complete so they can give a fair bid.

Design Phase: In this phase, we are designing the specific materials, finishes, textiles, and furnishings needed to complete your interior design project. We are also ordering samples and preparing the specifications for your design presentation meeting. At the design meeting, we will have options for you to choose from and we will help guide you through the selection process. This is a collaborative meeting and we will take your feedback into our revision phase.

Revision Phase: Any changes that you would like to see to the design are completed here. Once we have approval, we are ready to move forward and make your project come to life!

Purchasing: Before any of your items are placed on order, we will get a signed validation from you. Once we have validations completed we place the orders, track the freight, receiving, warehousing, delivery, and installation of your items. If you prefer, you can also handle the purchasing of items on your own. Once all of your fixtures and furnishings have arrived in the warehouse, we will schedule delivery as it makes sense to your project. We will be on site to inspect for damage, as well as aid in the staging/installation if you would like. Upon completion, we will set up a reveal for you to see the final product.

Construction Observation: The construction process can be complicated and overwhelming. We will handle all of the construction observation and project management on your behalf to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Final Walkthrough & Project Evaluation: We will walk through your interior design project with your contractor to ensure that all punch list items have been worked out and address any additional concerns you may have.

Photo Session: We will set a day for our professional photographer to come and visit! You will get a copy of all photographs so you can share your finished interior design project with your friends and family, as well as on social media.