Whether you’re tackling a major renovation or simply repainting the walls, you may be considering hiring an interior designer to help you get your designs right the first time. The first step in the process is to consult with the designer you choose to make sure they are as intimately familiar with your vision and goals as you are so they can help you bring them to life. Let’s walk through what you can expect during an interior design consultation in Denver so you can kick your project off on the right foot.

We recently wrapped up a bathroom remodel in Parker, Colorado. A bathroom remodel can be a challenging project because of the utilities and expertise required in a major renovation. There are eight essential steps in a bathroom remodel that help it go off without a hitch. Let’s walk you through our most recent client’s successful renovation.

Every season offers you an ideal opportunity to plan and execute certain home renovations. Whether you want to ditch the vinyl siding and replace your home's exterior with stucco or stone in the summertime or you want to perform a complete renovation of your kitchen or bathroom, there are certain things you can do in every project to facilitate a high quality working relationship with your contractors and interior designers. When you know how to work with the people on your Denver remodeling project, your visions come to life with much less hassle and headache than when you don't. These four steps can help you build a relationship with your contractors and designers so that your remodel is a dream come true.

You don't need an interior designer to tell you that the design of your office space is important. Form, function, and aesthetic all play a role in the productivity, culture, and environment of your office. There are a couple of key areas of your commercial design in Denver that you really want to focus on to ensure a pleasing look that functions the way it needs to. When you are designing an office space, think about the intended use of each area and consider the kind of furniture you need for your customers and employees to wait, meet, create, do, and store. Let's talk about the must have pieces for each area of your commercial design in Denver.

When you are decorating a home or office, the costs can add up pretty quick. In many cases, bending to the will of a budget crunch can actually lead to more expenses over time. Now, as with anything, not all expensive furniture is created equal, but there are a few cases when you want to splurge to ensure you're getting a quality piece that will withstand time and usage for your home.

Whether you are a start-up company just moving into your first office or you have been around for decades in a historic space, you are likely familiar with the importance of commercial interior design and the role it plays for both your employees and your customers. A beautifully designed space means nothing if it isn't functional. Alternatively, a functional space that is boring and bland could leave a lot to be desired. If you are considering remodeling your commercial space or are moving into a new space and want the support of a professional, these are the five essential steps that will make your commercial interior design project a breeze.

Over the last ten years, United States workplaces have broken out of the traditional cubicle barrier and adopted an open office floor plan. Coming into popularity based on the premise that an open office encourages a shared sense duty and supports a collaborative effort toward a common goal. As more and more offices adopt this layout, pros from all industries are questioning whether or not the idea of an open office is actually increasing productivity. Many commercial interior designers are torn in their opinion on the subject as well.

When you are remodeling your home, budget plays a major role in how your vision comes to life. It is important that you get the right people on your team to help you maximize your budget and minimize your stress. Obviously, your contractor will lay a lot of the ground work when you’re doing a basement remodel, but will they be able to fulfill your vision for your space?

It's that time of year again!  When tax season comes to a close and remodel season takes off! Here's what to expect when planning your basement remodel in Denver.

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