Wednesday, 11 July 2018 16:26

Collaborating With Contractors: Basement Remodel In Arvada

When you are remodeling your home, budget plays a major role in how your vision comes to life. It is important that you get the right people on your team to help you maximize your budget and minimize your stress. Obviously, your contractor will lay a lot of the ground work when you’re doing a basement remodel, but will they be able to fulfill your vision for your space?

When To Hire An Interior Designer?

This is the dilemma our client faced when she was getting ready to do a basement remodel in Arvada. She had perused a number of different design sites and had an idea of what she wanted the end result of her remodeling project to look like, but her contractor simply didn’t have the capability to bring this vision to life. That’s where Spark came in.

This is often the point in a project when clients find themselves scrambling to make their remodel worth the money. While there is some overlap between a contractor and a designer, typically, you’ll find that the contractor’s design capabilities are extremely limited, compared to the structural changes they are able to help you accomplish. For this basement remodel in Arvada, a highly-trained design eye was needed.

Interior Designer + Contractor

That’s not to say you should toss your contractor to the side. Your interior designer will work closely with your contractor to bring your vision to life. That’s exactly what Spark did with our client’s basement remodel in Arvada. The space already had a lot of potential from a structural standpoint, including room for a living area, game area, kitchenette, and full bath, so the next step was to transform a dark and dingy basement into a warm and inviting space.

Basement Remodel In Arvada Creates A Space You’ll Never Want To Leave

We designed a floor plan that facilitated a nice, easy flow through the space, but also provided a sense of separate areas for playing and for relaxing. We worked with the contractor to determine how best to implement a functional kitchenette for this basement remodel in Arvada. Ultimately, we decided to run a bar parallel to the two longest walls in the room, which enhanced the illusion of spaciousness.

On the bar stand structural beams, which are wrapped in a reclaimed wood texture complement the homey color palette we selected with our client. Warm brown hues made the most sense for bringing this basement remodel in Arvada to life. With a textured tile in the kitchenette and a soft beige carpet, the darker bar makes the space stand out. A soft tan on the walls, again enhance the illusion of spaciousness and blend right in with the multi-tonal fireplace and media stand.

The media area is what truly sets this basement remodel in Arvada apart, with both functionality and beauty, it is a unique and striking focal point for the space. The bricks contrast elegantly with the terracotta colored accent wall, providing the perfect balance between high-end design that feels welcoming and cozy.

With the help of our client and the contractor’s capabilities, we were able to transform this basement remodel in Arvada into a guest-worthy space.

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