Arvada Basement Remodel

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A Basement Renovation Creates a Guest-Worthy Space

Our client first hired her contractor to manage her basement remodeling project and soon discovered that the contractor had only a few design options to offer. Having perused design sites, the client knew there were more options available. However, the contractor did not have the design background to facilitate what she wanted.

Spark Interiors was brought into the project to bring the space together while providing many materials, textile, and finish options. We worked with the contractor and used his floor plan for the main living space while developing our own floor plan for the guest bathroom. We were instrumental in the design of the fireplace and mantle and we helped the client select the finishes, cabinets, and colors throughout.

This client is someone that we work with in our business network, so it was a lot of fun getting to know her and her family better through the design process. At Spark Interiors, we develop relationships with all our clients and we become just as excited about the project as they are.